FAQ: How can my child get enough Calcium from a Paleo Diet?

A question I was asked today by a friend is, “how can my child get enough calcium from a Paleo diet. I am not fond of milk however Calcium is important. My Dr recommended 3 glasses of milk for my boy, though I only give him one as I notice he does not digest milk well”.

Well I found this article from Balance Bites that explains it pretty well.

In summary, Paleo got 90% of the Daily recommendation vs USDA 126% BUT WAIT….that is not the full story. Here is the main paragraph I found to be interesting. Quoted from the website.

“even at 90% of the RDA, the amount of calcium that’ll be absorbed by the child’s body is likely going to be much higher since the cofactors for calcium absorption are higher across the board in the PD day. Vitamin and mineral cofactors required for calcium absorption include Vitamin D (56% in Paleo vs 12% in USDA) and Magnesium (103% in Paleo vs 87% in USDA). So, by allowing a child to eat a diet that is not only fairly high in calcium from non-dairy sources but also providing balanced nutrition to allow for the absorption of calcium, it’s clear that the need for dairy in the diet as a calcium source is overstated and inaccurate”.

A quick comparison is provided below. Check out the infographics from their website as it has significantly more information. Click here for  Paleo vs USAD

What a standard USAD meal may compose off. Source: From Balanced Bites

What a standard Paleo meal may compose off. Source: From Balanced Bites

It is interesting to note that on the Paleo Diet you are eating significantly more fat however the weight gain factor is less than the USAD. I can vouched for this as I believe I’ve lost 1kg after only 10 days. Considering I am constantly eating and having bacon for breakfast, it’s not bad.


2 thoughts on “FAQ: How can my child get enough Calcium from a Paleo Diet?

  1. I haven’t been online long enough to read a lot of your post, got a bit of time tonight 🙂 Once again awesome job on getting some truths out! Most people don’t realise fat doesn’t make you fat, refines sugars and carbs do it and you hace cut most of it out by going paleo and thus dramatically lowering inflammation!! Just a caution, try not to buy foods that have vegetable oils, very pro inflammatory.

    • thanks Ang. Yes, Paleo encourages the use of coconut oil or olive oil. Veg oil is definitely out! Most people I speak to think I am crazy so it is good to get rapport 🙂

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