About Pingheng and me

平衡 (Ping Heng) in Chinese means balance or equilibrium.  This name was selected as I wanted to write about the things I considered interesting. Interests I engage in to provide a lifestyle balance to create a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Who you are and what you do is often a journey of your experiences and the people you meet along the way.

Pingheng is a blog about the things I have learnt on my life’s journey.  As I have a passion for design, gadgets, wine and more recently Crossfit and Paleo, posts will be skewed towards these topics. My objective is to share what I learn on the way as I move through various life stages. Hopefully at some stage this will either assist you on your journey OR inspire you to try a few new things.

I am no professional interior designer, gardener or painter however currently am in the life stage of gardening and home renovation. I’ve developed a real passion on revamping a space and receiving the satisfaction of seeing before and after results.  Hopefully at some point in time I can cover other my interests that include yoga, cycling, wine, photography and outdoor activities.

Thanks for visiting Pingheng. Hope to see you around.


5 thoughts on “About Pingheng and me

  1. Awesome site.
    New respect to you and your BF…
    You house is a home and it looks warm and a paradise for the mind and spirit

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