Oil Paint vs Aqua Enamel

OK after 2 projects and multiple rooms I think I’ve finally made my conclusion. Below is a list of Pro and Cons between oil paint and aqua enamel. My conclusion? If you are getting a professional painter request for oil, if you are doing it yourself aqua enamel is suffice.

Aqua Enamel (water based paint)

Pro – Easy to wash. Does not turn yellow over time if not exposed to sun.

Con – Not as glossy as oil. More like a semi-gloss, so if this is not your desired finish opt for oil.

Oil Paint

Pro – More durable than aqua enamel. I believe it’s thicker and hence when bumped it is less likely to chip.

Con – A real pain to wash (ie. You may ruin a few brushes & rollers before you can finish your job). Requires turpentine. Turns yellow when not expose to sun. Hence in a dark corridor your white will no longer appear white in a few years time.


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