Considerations if you want to call a Professional Painter

Questions ask a painter when you get your quote:

1. The type of paint they use. Preferable Dulux or Wattyl based. The colour can always be matched to another brand.
2. Do they tape. This makes a huge difference in having sharp edges and to ensure no accidentally drip.
3. Their level of preparation (eg. putty, sanding) – How much time is spent painting versus preparing? From experience I believe the rule of thumb is 70% prep, 30% painting. Only if the wall is in prim condition, may it be 50:50. Generally the older your house, the longer prep work as the walls are more uneven.
4. How long they would take to complete the job. Fastest is not necessarily the best unless they have man power.  Having said this sometimes you just have to wait for the paint to dry (eg. sanding while paint is waiting to dry nearby is a no no).
5. If feasible, ask for references (i.e. customers you can call and preferably a not a recent one).
6. Do they have a period of warranty (i.e. if the paint peeled they would return).
7. When they visit you for a quote are they checking the conditions of the walls? If I were a painter, this is important as it indicates to me the level of preparation effort required.

And remember sometimes you pay for what you get. It’s a matter of balance. How do you get value without promising quality – Ping Heng – 🙂


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