How to drill through tiles?

I never gave much thought to bathroom or kitchen fixtures. Things are just miraculously there! But when it’s time to hang that extra towel rack/rail, how do you drill through tiles without cracking them? Once again after a few googles and speaking to a tradie friend these are the steps we took:

  1. Masking tape the area you will be drilling. The masking tape serves as 2 functions – i. creating tension on the surface to reduce the likeliness of cracks ii. Provides a surface where you can mark where you will be drilling.
  2. Mark where you will be drilling. Use leveler, if appropriate.
  3. Tip: Do not drill close to the edges of the tile as the likelihood of cracking is higher.

  4. Using masonry drill bits and an electronic drill. Turn the setting to hammer drill. Note: On the standard setting you will never pierce the tile. We tried and was wondering what we were doing wrong.
  5. Tip: To ensure the drill do not overheat, run the drill bit under cold water every minute or 2. Repeat this process when you feel the bit is heating up.

  6. Hammer in the PVC wall plugs. You are now ready to drill in the screws.

Hammering in green PVC wall plugs

Finished product


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