Tips with Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are often the cheapest type of pots available compared to your glazed and stone counterpart as they are more easily damaged when knocked.  Other disadvantages are they are porous. This means faster evaporation or in other words regular watering required. Having said this, I love the rusty look which goes really well with a Tuscan style garden. The tip is to:

1. Lime Wash the pot. This adds character and modernises the look.  Lime wash can be applied directly to the pots. As the pot ages and is expose to the weather, the lime wash gets an uneven texture which adds to the look. Porters Paint sell great lime washes. You can pick any colour on their swatch.

    Tip: When selecting the pot pay attention to the shape and not texture/colour. Once the pot is lime washed, it’s the shape that makes the difference.

    2. Waterproof the inside of the pot to minimise evaporation. For waterproofing I used “Ormonoid Brushable Waterproofer” which can be purchased in a 1L tin at Bunnings. Buy a cheap brush as you will be disposing the brush at the end of the task.

      Brushable Waterproofer - Ormonoid

      Available at almost every nursery are Northcote pots. See link below for a look into their extensive range:

      Porter Lime Wash Paint 1L

      I selected the colour - "Grey Pepper"

      Northcote pots after 2 coats of Porters lime wash

      Remember to paint over the top inner waterproof section to ensure it is not visible

      Tip: Before applying each coat, lightly spray the pot with water. This prevents the paint from drying and caking before you are able to complete painting. For a small pot like this, this is not critical. What the water does do is, it activates the lime to get the effect. A minimum of 4 hours drying time should be given between each coat. It should be noted that the optimum effect will only occur over time from weather/aging.


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