How to plant in containers?

What is the trick to planting in containers? If you are using terracotta pots first read “Tips with Terracotta pots”.  Once your pot is ready:

  1. Layer the bottom of the pot with either pieces of foam, blue metal or broken ceramic.  This layer acts as drainage to ensure roots will not be sitting in water and rotting.
  2. If you have some, it is good to place geo-textile material on top of layer 1. The advantage of geo-textile is that it prevents leeching from staining your floor and ‘layer 1’ from mixing with the soil. Note: Leeching is when excess water flows out of the container.
  3. Pour in potting mix. As mentioned many times before plants are a by product of soil, so get good potting mix. In this instance I used Debco Terracotta & Tub.
  4. If you were keen, you would of soaked your plants in water approximately 1 hour before planting.  By now, they should easily pop out of the container (assuming it is not pot bound). Try to plant at the same level as the original pot.


  • Foam is essentially broken up pieces of the box vegetables come. Go to your local fruit shop.
  • When you purchase pots at your local nurseries ask them if they can give you broken pot pieces. They’re bound to have some.
  • Blue metal is usually available at your local landscape supplier.  Note: Blue metal is very heavy so if you have a large pot keep this in mind. If you need the pot to be heavy to withstand the wind or to keep the container upright it’s great, otherwise foam or broken pots would be better.
  • Plant below the height of the container so when you water, the water does not overflow.

Blue Metal

Geo-textile. Looks like felt however thinner and less fury.

Potting mix - Debco Terracotta & Tub

Liriope Muscari 'Royal Purple' soaked in water. I was not keen and only soaked them for 15min before planting.

Finished product - Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple'


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