My sister’s native garden. An oasis just 5km from CBD.

Strictly natives only” said my sister’s gardener. There is no gardener with as much attitude as she. “That is not a native. chuck!” :O is our reaction. “That was an lovely old fern that would of cost hundreds of dollars to buy” said my boyfriend. OK, OK…… despite her attitude it looks like my sister’s patience has paid off. The garden is blooming and looks like a blue mountain oasis. Even the air smells like Blue Mountain but in actual fact you’re only 5km from Sydney CBD. Hope this style of garden inspires you. It’s totally different to my semi-formal garden but is just as lovely.

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6 thoughts on “My sister’s native garden. An oasis just 5km from CBD.

  1. Hi Linda – this is amazing – it’s so green! It really does look like the blue mountains. She’s done a great job.

  2. Wonderful! Love the naturalistic nature of it all. This will be my inspiration for “the cliff” at the back of my place at Northbridge……… once I clear the lantana and asthma weed that is.

  3. Yes, sometimes I wonder whether I’m too patient:))
    But as Lin says, it’s ALL worth it and I’m very happy.
    I’m currently working on the front garden, will keep you posted.

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