Before & After – Reviving an old 1900s apartment

Some evidence that cosmetic works makes a huge difference. I haven’t totally finished (eg. The place is yet to be furnish and ideally the blinds need to change) however enough teasers. I think there is enough for some before and after pics.  It’s proof on my mum’s saying that 50% is foundation, while the other 50% is how you dress it up.

In Summary the changes are:

  • Replaced the carpets, light fittings and hardware knobs.
  • New floating floor boards.
  • Fresh coat of paint on walls, ceilings and doors including cabinet doors where White Knight laminate paint was used.

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5 thoughts on “Before & After – Reviving an old 1900s apartment

    • Thanks Grace. The most satisfying part is seeing the before and after pics when you are finish and have complements that all the effort has made a difference 😛

  1. Nice…
    although the old wood floors look nicer to my eye. Who would guess there are actual wood floors under the floating ones? Kind of funny!
    But everything else, is very well done. Tasteful.

    • Thanks Gail. Yes the old floors looked ok in the photos however had damage that was more expensive and harder to fix if I were to repair them. Photos looked better than what it was.

  2. Hi! On your “rubble” door, do you find the porter aqua enamel has a great high gloss finish? I’m trying to find super glossy in my area and not succeeding! Thanks.

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