Before & After – Modernising a Federation home

A Federation home does not need to be “old”. You can update or modernise the federation look without losing it’s character. Below are some before and after pics where I have tried to mix old with the new.  This has been an ongoing project for the last 18 months. It’s still not finished however once again enough for some before and after pics.

Designer: Me – Pingheng 🙂

Style: Wanted to create a classic yet fun look. Like my website I believe everything should be balanced. The old and the new, the dark and the light, the classic and the funky.

Inspiration: Everything! magazines, web, when I go shopping I use my iPhone Camera to record ideas, friend’s places etc.

Great Challenge: Sourcing the right decorative item or furniture can take months, even years. That’s why often it takes a long time to personalise a space.

Best advice: The space should reflect you, not only in style however usage. I believe everything should be practical and not just a decoration. Think of the bigger picture in terms of how things are to complement each other. Remember if every item is screaming “look at me”, your guest will feel confused and not see everything. Something has to be the boring items so that the interesting items get noticed 🙂

Favorite room: Right now it’s the dining. I love the monochromatic scheme and my grey country table. Having said this, once I get my book shelf made in the formal dining I believe that would be my favorite room. Especially in winter with a log fire. yummm……

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4 thoughts on “Before & After – Modernising a Federation home

  1. I absolutely love absolutely everything you have done guys……a real transformation and so worth all the blood sweat and tears, Looks like it could be in Nantucket not downtown Chats!

    • “Nantucket” hah? That’s a new terms. Thanks cluffy. Yeah 18mths and still going. Love the stuff u have done too. You should give me the photos so I can do a before & after segment on it 🙂

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