Recipe: Paleo Tabouli Recipe

Today I tried making my own Tabouli recipe and it was great so I just have to tell you about it. Simple, tasty and full of nutrients. My version is Paleo friendly without the burghul.  So why tabouli besides the taste? Well continental or flat leaf parsley is full of nutrients. Once again from the nutrient table.


  • Continental (otherwise known is flat leaf) Parsely 3 bunch – Roughly chopped
  • Tomato de-seeded and finely chopped – I used the small roma ones on the vine.
  • Shallot – I only put a small amount (eg. 4-5 stems) however it’s really up to you.
  • Olive oil & Lemon juice (approximately 4:3 ratio)
  • Crack pepper and sea salt to taste
  • Roasted pine nuts Note: This is the “key” ingredient as it makes a huge difference in taste particularly when you are not using burghul.

I didn’t have any at home however if you do, you can add cucumber de-seeded. Should be a good combo.

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I served my Paleo Tabouli with some BBQ chicken and salad. Acts as a great side.

Paleo Tabouli with BBQ chicken and salad



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