Recipe: Paleo Chap Chae (Kelp noodles)

Paleo Chap Chae (Kelp noodles) | Pingheng

This is definitely a keeper. It’s almost exactly like Korean Chap Chae though better since it’s Paleo 🙂 Kelp noodles was the secret ingredient. Preservative and gluten free.

Paleo | Gluten Free | Diary Free


  • Kelp noodles (you can find this at your organic health food store)
  • Brown mushrooms
  • carrots
  • Julienne Zucchini
  • 1/2 – 1 onion (diced)
  • Minced pork
  • 4 eggs
  • Grated ginger
  • Lemon Zest
  • Diced Jalapeno (de-seeded)
  • 1 handful of dried shrimps (roughly chopped)
  • handful of cashew nuts
  • 3-5 Garlic gloves (use garlic presser) 
  • Roughly chopped coriander
  • Coconut oil (or your fat of choice)
  • Sesame oil
  • 1-2 Coconut amino (this is the Paleo substitute of soy sauce)
  • 1-2 Fish Sauce (optional since I have yet to find approved Paleo Fish Sauce in Australia).
  • Salt to season


  1. Rinse kelp noodles with cold water, cut into shorter pieces (if desired) and leave aside.
  2. Fry onions in the pan with your selected fat of choice. Before the onions are totally brown, add carrots.
  3. When carrots are 70% cooked, add mushrooms.
  4. Add minced pork and the items in red above. Cook till meat is 80% cooked.
  5. Add coconut amino, fish sauce and salt. Taste and add more seasoning if required.
  6. Add kelp noodles. Mix thoroughly. Add seasoning if required.
  7. In a separate pan, make your omelet. Cut into small pieces.
  8. Serve noodles with coriander with a drizzle of sesame oil. Place pieces of omelet on top.


  • Lemon zest is a key ingredient. Makes the dish more refreshing.
  • Grated ginger – By grating the ginger (as opposed to chopping) the flavour is enhanced.
  • Sesame oil is not added during the cooking process as you do not want the oil to oxidise. Always add sesame oil last (ie. after the cooking process).
  • The items in red goes well with any stir fries.

Paleo Chap Chae (Kelp noodles) | PinghengPaleo Chap Chae (Kelp noodles) | Pingheng


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