Paleo Black Sesame and Coconut ice cream with Thermomix

The following recipe is from the official “A Taste of Asia” by Thermomix however I have modified it to be Dairy Free with less sugar.

Paleo | Dairy Free

The touch time for this recipe is not long however there are 3 stages requiring time for cooling and freezing. The best recommendation is to make the custard in the morning or the night before, giving it suffice time to cool.


  • 120g Toasted Black Sesame Sees (you can get this from the chinese grocery)
  • 350g coconut milk (standard recipe uses full cream milk)
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 85g coconut sugar (Note: The recipe asked for 150g standard sugar however I decided to reduce the quantity)
  • 300g coconut cream (standard recipe uses whipping cream)


  1. Place sesame in TM bowl and mill for 1 minute on speed 9 to form a fine paste.
  2. Add milk, yolks and sugar and cook for 6 minutes at 80 degrees on speed 4.
  3. –Refrigerate until complete cold. —
  4. Insert Butterfly into a clean, dry TM bowl. Add coconut cream and whip for 20-40 seconds on speed 4 or until stiff. Tip: Can you hear the difference in sound.
  5. Add cooled custard  mixture and blend for 5 seconds on reverse + speed 3.
  6. –Pour into container and freeze for a few hours until just firm (not frozen)–
  7. Remove, break into large pieces and blend for 1 min on speed 8-9min.
  8. –Return to fridge to freeze till solid–


  1. Cool custard in a metal tin. This quickens the cooling process.
  2. I used full fat coconut milk and cream. It’s not healthy but then again ice cream even Paleo, is not exactly healthy so you mights as well go all out.


It’s not a bad sesame ice cream recipe. My only complaint is that with the coconut milk and cream, the ice cream is REALLLLY frozen. The tip is to take the tub out and let it warm up a little. Worth the effort? Totally worth it. Warning, it’s a little like dark chocolate. Has a little bitter after taste. Hence if you do not like dark chocolate, you may not like this.  Next time I may try to make some modifications to see what works best. For example:

  • Use normal brown sugar instead of coconut sugar.  Not sure if the bitter taste is from the type of sugar I used or just the fact I used significantly less.
  • Might source for healthier coconut cream rather than those found at the Chinese groceries. I believe health food shops have coconut cream in jars like the oil options. These will be less processed retaining Lauric acid and all the goodness.

Final Product

If you try to scoop without letting it warm up a little it’s a little icy and hard.

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One thought on “Paleo Black Sesame and Coconut ice cream with Thermomix

  1. fluff it up!

    hi – you can return the frozen product to the TM, blitz 20″ @ 10, insert butterfly, whip some air in there 10-15″ @ 4

    thanks for the receipe

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