The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

This post explains it perfectly. I too will refer people here when I get asked this question again.

The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit.

If you prefer the picture on the right, then you can stop reading now.

If you prefer the picture on the right, then you can stop reading now.

“Crossfit does not make you bulky”

The good thing is, now that I have been doing it for 6 months I can be a walking example. A friend asked me today, but why aren’t you big? She seemed surprised.  Well for your information, it actually takes a lot to get BIG. At the Box (crossfit gym) we do too much repetition to GET BIG. Those who are big, make an objective to get big. They train and eat to be so (eg. Extra supplements and strengthening exercises outside the WOD). For normal people like you and me who aren’t training all day long or eating like crazy, it’s virtually impossible. Sure my butt’s gone bigger however that’s because according to my other half, I used to have a flat butt 😦

For the record my other half has actually gone from a size Medium to a Small for T-shirts.  He dragon boated for  over 10 years.  If you are ever familiar with dragon boating it’s all about upper body strength.  All DB people have huge shoulders. Hope I don’t offend or have any DB readers out there 😛 With crossfit, your strength and weaknesses will balanced out. My other half now has stronger core and leg muscles. His shoulders and arms have more definition, yet he is less bulky. Crossfit enables you to do this as it based on functional movements. That is, all exercises always use multiple muscles (eg. Burpees – Usage of core, shoulders and legs, Overhead squats uses the entire body etc).  Our weights are kept at a minimum since you may be doing 100 reps as opposed to 10.  In actual fact people who come from a global gym background have known to reduce their weights in order to complete a WOD.  In crossfit if you are too bulky you lose flexibility and agility. What this ultimately mean is:

LOSS of flexibility or agility = LOSS of PERFORMANCE

Remember our definition of what healthy or fitness is:

  1. Agility
  2. Flexibility
  3. Speed
  4. Power
  5. Endurance
  6. Cardio
  7. Balance
  8. Coordination
  9. Stamina
  10. Accuracy

Six month after my first crossfit class I still think this makes sense and is much healthier for you.

Everyday movements for everyday living”.

If you haven’t read my reflection of crossfit after the first 2 months click here.  What was written is still valid.


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