Crossfit Specialty Course – Defense

Did you know that Crossfit has specialty courses? One that I am most interested in is self defense. Watch this series of videos by Tony Bauer. It’s a must know for everyone especially girls on how to be your own body guard. I particularly like the following concepts:

  • Part 3 – 3 Ps – Personal, Passionate and present. Write things that is personal and passionate to you that you can do now.
  • Part 4 – Detect | Diffuse | Defense – 60% of most instances happens in the detect and diffuse phase.
  • Part 5 – Be the Trojan horse. If you look like you are going to attack, the attacker will be on alert. Be aware of your body language.

My take though is to escape or run if you can. If not, resort to these defense techniques.

For more videos click here.


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