Cancer is curable now

I watched this video yesterday and because it is so good I thought I’ll share my learning.  This is information everyone should know:

  • 80% of patients in the USA don’t die of cancer, they die of the treatment of cancer.
  • Cancer is curable. Why is it that you only hear about chemotherapy and not hypothermia therapy. Hyperthermia therapy makes so much more sense. In short, it involves heating up your cells. The cancer cells are then starved of oxygen and die off.
  • Everyone has cancer cells in them. However when you are healthy your immune system is constantly finding and killing them.
  • Cancer is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. It’s a wake up call you get you to change your lifestyle. Even if you are cured from chemotherapy, a non change in lifestyle will inevitably lead to it’s return.  Note: When I say change it lifestyle it’s not only your diet. STRESS is a major component as it produces cortisol in the body.
  • Tumor results when you body recognises that your immune system is not doing it’s job. It’s an attempt to create a barrier to prevent the cancer cells from developing. Removing the tumor without fixing the root cause will inevitably lead to it’s return.
  • When you overload your system your immune system will fail to work effectively allowing the cancer cells can grow. Overloading occurs in the many ways. Some are:
    • Exposure to toxins – Our home is the most toxic place (eg. hair spray, cleaning products, creams etc)
    • Toxins in our food – MSG, BPA in tin cans and plastic bottles. BPA are hormorne disruptor. They gums up cells in our body and is a growing issue.
    • Cooked and processed food – Natural foods have enzymes that helps your system break down food. Cooked and processed food kills enzymes. Your system will then need to release enzymes from it’s own bank to assist in the digestion. Overtime the bank will run dry.
    • Vaccines are full of chemicals and preservatives. Some even heavy metal such as mercury which drives cancers.
  • Sugar feeds cancer. Cancer cells have insulin receptors.  And do you know what releases insulin? Our favorite foods like pasta and bread. You body has no way of determining if you are eating bread or raw sugar. Does a whole grain bread sound healthy anymore?
  • Those practicing medicine should know that sugar feeds cancer as this is how the PET diagnostic scan tool works.
  • Exercise is critical for recovery as it stimulates the immune system. You think that because you are sick you should stop exercising to give your body a break.


I think the above learning can be applied to any disease. It all starts with FOOD and your lifestyle.  If you like this post please share it with your friends and family as this is something we all should be aware of.

You can view the video for free up to the 24th Dec 2012 here.

Information everyone should know

4 thoughts on “Cancer is curable now

    • From the video it’s so obvious why cancer is on the rise. The amount of toxins and stressful life we now live. Plus all the fast food and processed foods out there 🙂

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