My new custom Reebok Nana 2.0 review

You know when you start buying shoes that are specifically made for Crossfit, you have become an addict. I received my custom designed Reebok Nano 2.0 a few weeks ago.

So firstly what are Reebok Nano? They are shoes designed by Reebok using feedback from crossfitters. It’s the second version and is much improved. Custom design means you are about to create your own design. You select everything from the colour of the sole, to laces, to body etc.



  • Love the novelty of designing your own shoes. How cool is it when you can say you designed them.
  • These are great presents as they are unique. I designed a pair for my other half for his birthday.
  • These shoes provide more stability when doing Olympic lifts and squats, compared to my merrell’s Run Dash gloves. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Merrells, after all I have been crossfitting with them since the beginning (approx. 5 months).
  • The shoes should be good for rope climbs, though that’s something I have yet to conquer. Hence cannot say how good it is for sure.


  • They don’t ship to Australia. You will need a mail forwarding address.
  • The texture looks a little plasticky.
  • I prefer running in my Merrell’s. Having said this, the nano’s aren’t bad. It provides extra cushioning when running down the ramp.

So what’s the conclusion?

If you are looking for a pair of crossfit shoes these are great. I think they are much better than the innov8’s due to a more durable toe cap. Having said this, I’ve been told that Innov’s recently released a crossfit specific shoe. The Merrell run gloves are great for crossfit, however as they are narrower, provides less stability when doing Olympic lifts. At the end of the day it depends where your preferences lie. I love both.

Designed these for my other half’s birthday

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