Paleo Granola using the Thermomix

Made another batch of my granola, only this time I’ve improved the recipe.

  1. I now activate my nuts by soaking them in water the night before. Your cashew nuts will turn purple but don’t worry that is normal. For more information on what are activated nuts refer to this post.
  2. Instead of hand chopping my nuts I now use my Thermomix. Remember to use speed 4-5 and no higher. You do not want to turn your nuts to powder. See the revised recipe steps. Note: Hand chopping is still better if you are keen. ie. more consistent size nuts. Using the TM or food processor so much faster, it’s hard to go back.
  3. I now mix my ingredients direct in the baking tray. This saves me from washing an extra bowl. It also ensures my bowl is large enough for the entire batch 🙂
  4. I no longer add honey or any form of sweetener. I find that eating the granola with fruits is sweet enough. Sugar from fruits are so much healthier. Regardless of what sweeteners you may use, sugar is sugar.
  5. I’ve doubled my quantity so that it lasts longer.

This has become our staple breakfast during weekdays as it saves us from cooking in the morning. For the full recipe refer to Homemade Granola inspired by Sarah Wilson

After soaking the nuts become much more plump and is lighter in colour. This is normal.

Mix in your baking tray to save washing an extra bowl 🙂

The finished product. When the mixture cools it will get crunchy


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