Paleo cheat meals keep you honest

Had a cheat meal yesterday as my aunt is in town from the USA. The more cheat meals I have the more it keeps me honest.  My hubby and I actually prefer Paleo meals now. That often equates to a home cooked meal.  If we continue along this path, cheat meals will soon be a very occasional thing.  We currently do 1-2 cheat meals a week.

Some interesting observations to date

Maybe it takes cheat meals to finalise your change over?  Your memory of something always exceeds expectation.

We are never as satisfied as I used to be.

  • When you go out, most restaurants don’t give you the quality you are used to at home.  They give very little vegetables or ingredients, thinking 60% of your satiety will come from the bread or noodles they stuff you with.
  • Our taste buds must have changed. Things appear saltier and sweeter than I remember. We use significantly less salt and sugar now. Sometimes even none. This does not mean that your food is bland. Salt and sugar is replaced with spicies and things like “homemade concentrated vegetable stock” or “homemade XO sauce” which adds a punch in flavour.

If you are satisfied, you never feel great afterwards

A great example was from yesterday’s meal.  We took our my aunt to a local Beijing restaurant where you would eat things like dumplings and Peking duck. I totally enjoyed my food, but afterwards it went a bit like this:

    • Right after the meal – Hmmm….. not too bad. I don’t feel sick. That is great. Only a little full, faster. On non-Paleo food you always fill much heavier after.
    • In the middle of the night – Hmm… why aren’t I sleeping. My stomach feels quite hot. *big penny drop* I have forgotten that this was how I used to feel all the time pre-paleo days. That is, after a meal my stomach would feel quite heated. That was normal back then.  It’s STILL heated this morning. 😦 Totally forgotten this feeling. This must be the inflammation they always talk about? :O

So what are your experiences with your cheat meals. Does it make you want to go back to non-Paleo days or are you like us? The more we have, the more we are determined it’s here to stay. For the record, my GP parent’s in law actually said that they think the Paleo Diet suites me. My father in law even prescribe it to one of his patients who returned a week later saying how great he felt.  Share the love.


2 thoughts on “Paleo cheat meals keep you honest

  1. That is so good to hear that such changes are getting into the “medical” community! Maybe you inlaws have the opportunity to help many people with irritable bowl and gerd issues. Pay attention of bowl movements 😉
    Love what you are doing!! Keep sharing the love!

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