Thermomix and Paleo, a match made in heaven

Received my new gadget today. For those who do not know what a Thermomix is, you are really missing out. It’s basically 20 machines rolled into one. It chops, cooks, mixes, mills, stir fries, kneads, blends, steams, melts and the list goes on. You can pretty much live without your stove if you really wanted too.  It would be the perfect item for those living in a dorm 😛 And yes, it is the Mercedes Benz of all kitchen appliance and German made.  If Tetsuya and Marque both have a heap of these in their kitchen, that tells you something.  For more information on the company and full functionality visit their website.

So here’s my story on how I got “IN”.  10 days ago a friend asked me to check out Thermomix when she found out I wanted to buy the Kitchen Aid food processor. Being on Paleo I am spending a whole heap more time in the kitchen.  I haven’t baked since primary school days however when you miss comfort foods like muffins or cookies you do get the urge.  It’s funny, as on the traditional diet I rarely ate muffins 😛

Craving and necessity was why I started to cook at home. Now I  cook at home simply because I favor this to eating out.  The flavors of “real food” beats over marinating any day.  And yes, I do feel that most restaurants over flavor their food.  These days, besides the fruit and veggie aisle we don’t buy much else. This video explain partly why.

OK getting off topic again. If you want to know more about Paleo check out my previous posts. As for the others, here is the exciting part.  Like me you’re probably thinking, OK we don’t like what we see in the supermarket, however who has time to make everything from scratch. I make my granola in batches however it does take a good 1-2 hours to chop up all the nuts.  Well here is where Thermomix excels. It excels at making your life easier. Below is one example.  I am looking forward to my next batch of granola where I can use the chopping function 🙂 Over the next few weeks I’ll post my thoughts and experience in using my TX to create “Palethermo”. That’s almost sounds like “Paleolithic” 🙂 Sounds like a match made in heave to me.

Concentrated Vegetable Stock

I made my first item in the TX today. Decided to start basic and try for the concentrated veggie stock since it was recommended and versatile.

  • Total touch time = 10min.
  • Total end to end completion time = 30min.

Not bad hah? Gave me 20min back into my life for me to type this post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Tasted and smelt great.
  • It was so simple. I would of never tried making my own stock.
  • This definitely would be a great way to make pumpkin soup 😛

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