Can Paleo improvement athletic performance?

In the last few weeks my hubby and I have improved significantly in our WODs. By significant I am referring to PRs or the ability to progress on certain exercises. For example:

  • Ability to do double unders
  • Ability to do kipping HSPU (hand stand push ups)
  • PRs in barbell lifts such as dead lifts.
  • Progression from the 45cm box jump to 60cm.

Don’t get me wrong. There is still LOTS of room for improvement. Just noting that we seems to be achieving some sort of PR for the last 2 weeks. My coach mentioned today that it may be our diet. Could Paleo improve athletic performance?

I decided to do ask Mr Google and found the following articles:

Both seem to mention faster recovery times and better endurance. Recent observations include:

  • I used to struggle to attend 5 crossfit classes a week. Lately it’s doesn’t seem too bad. Could this be true? Faster recovery times?
  • I am no longer eating like crazy. In actual fact, I don’t seem to have that much appetite lately.  My snacking between meals have definitely reduced.  The protein does keep me fuller for longer. Is this why, athletes can last longer without carbs?
  • We’re heading to our 3rd month of Paleo (ie. beginning of our 3rd month). Could it be that our body has finally got used to efficiently using fat as fuel?

So what are your experiences? Do you think Paleo has improved your athletic performance? If so, I’ll be interested in hearing your story.

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