All you need to know about nuts

As part of the Paleo diet you eat heaps of nuts. I have more than the recommended handful per day. Below is a great infographic summarising the benefits of the different nuts. Pistachios are my favourite. Am happy it’s considered the healthy option 🙂

When eating your nuts be, creative. Below are just a few suggestions:

  • Add to your stir fries (eg. cashew nuts are a great option here)
  • Add to your salads. I often use walnut and pine nuts. Totally adds flavour!
  • If you are cooking a korean style dish (eg. Bulgogi) use sesame seeds as the final topping. It doesn’t only look good but is good for you. Note: The sauce of Bulgogi is not Paleo. I have yet to have one since being on Paleo, but since I am going 90:10 now I may try 🙂
  • Add nuts to your meat balls. This gives the meatball more texture since breadcrumbs cannot be used.
  • Baking muffins or cookies.

What are activated nuts?

If you are eating nuts by the handful I recommend activated nuts. It’s not only healthier for you but tastier. What are activated nuts?

It’s when you soak your nuts overnight in salt water to start the germination process. In summary, raw nuts are believed to be of limited nutritional value is because they naturally contain phytic acid, which prevents them from sprouting prematurely and stores important nutrients. According to researchers, when consumed by humans, phytic acid reduces the body’s ability to absorb many of those nutrients. Another, potentially more serious problem with raw nuts is that they contain enzyme inhibitors called protease or trypsin inhibitors that make the body have to work overtime to produce the enzymes needed for digestion. This, according to some researchers, puts strain on the pancreas and can potentially lead to pancreatic cancer. In short by soaking the nuts, nutrients are made available to the body. Source: Natural Therapy Pages

You can easily create your own “activated” nuts. Click here for more information.

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