Paleo thoughts – People believe what they want to believe

Most of you know that I received my blood test results this week. It’s interesting the type of reaction I get from friends and family. I conclude, people believe what they want to believe”

Prior to my blood test I would often hear comments like “you sure eating lots of meat is good for you? It’s very high in saturated fats”, “Will you get enough calcium?”, “How about fibre?”.

OK let’s clarify:

  1. Firstly Paleo does not say you have to eat more meat. If you don’t want to eat a lot of meat, that’s fine. From my experience I eat more meat as it gives me more energy and keeps me full longer.  Also, I come from eating very little meat. On the contrary my husband since Paleo probably eats less meat but more vegetable. The focus is not on whether you eat lots of meat or not. Rather it is what you can’t eat due to their inflammatory nature like diary, legumes and grains. You’ll have to work out for yourself what ratio combination works for you.
  2. Do you get enough fibre? Well I am as regular as I was before, if not more. Let’s leave it at that. Not eating grains has made no difference. Actually, it’s even better! Imagine stuffing bread into a pipe vs vegetables. Which do you think will get blocked?
  3. Calcium?? I’ve addressed that in my last post.

I just don’t get why people don’t get it, because to me and my hubby it’s just so logical. How can eating more “real foods” be bad for you? Most of the things Paleo tells you not to eat are often linked to intolerance or known symptoms such as gluten and lactose intolerance. Could it be that “food” is as addictive as any drugs? You eat it, even though you know it’s not good for you. Like when you smoke, even though you know it gives you lung cancer.

Chris Kresser made a very good point. Paleo should be treated as a template and not as the bible, after all everyone is different. Like all prescriptions it is hard to create one for the masses. Paleo is a good attempt that works for the majority. And because it is so good, the 30 day challenge is a good recommendation where results can be seen for most.

But like the word “template” implies, after your 30 day challenge (which is essential to obtain long term buy in) I think it is healthy to test and learn a little. Go 80-90% strict and 10-20% trial to see what your body can tolerate. You will be surprised how more attune to your body you are after your 30 day challenge.

OK I’m drifting a little away from the point my post 😛  Now, that my results are in, I am getting comments like of course your cholesterol has lowered since you are eating much healthier (eg. salads etc). What the?!!!!

The moral of the story? Like anything in life, people need to be ready to change. An opportunity can present itself however it is up to the individual to take hold.  Please don’t frustrate yourself by trying to convince the world. Be the living sample. Hopefully one day your friends and family will take notice.  All you can do is to present the opportunity and answer questions if they are interested. Just keep in mind that they must be the one to switch the light on.


4 thoughts on “Paleo thoughts – People believe what they want to believe

  1. Imagine stuffing bread into a pipe vs vegetables. Which do you think will get blocked?
    Well you’ve certainly clarified matters there!
    Love it – and congratulations on the results 🙂

    • hahah thanks Grace. Guess it’s encouraging after all the effort 😛 Imagine if I went backwards. Good to have a little science to it all. How is your other diet going? Can’t remember the name 😛

    • actually documenting helps. Not just from the encouragement I get but it reminds me how I felt, records what I ate etc. Even before my blood test I wondered what I’ll do if I were to go backwards 😛 Thanks for the encouragement guys.

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