D-Day: Post Paleo Blood Test Results

Before I reveal my blood test results let’s recap a little on what I’ve have been eating for the last 50 days.

  • Lots of nuts. More than your recommended handful. Like many many handfuls 😛
  • Lots of eggs. Average around 2 a day.
  • Lots of coconut oil and avocados.
  • I replaced my soy milk with Almond milk.
  • Significantly more meat and fish I’ve ever had.
  • Significantly more fruits and vegetables I’ve ever had.
  • No Dairy, legumes or grains. With the exception of few cheat soy flat white once or twice a week.
  • To those who are new to Paleo, the above does mean no bread, rice, pasta and noodles. Yes, these are made from grains. I went to a wedding during my challenge and they replaced my bed of beans with Hokkein noodle. You would of thought that “The Tea Room” at gunners barrack would know what Hokkien noodle is made of :O

In terms of past history I’ve always had high cholesterol ranging from 7.6 to 5.5 over the past 10 years. I’ve never been on medication.  My justification was that I’m still young (or so I try to believe) and live a healthy lifestyle so I should be ok. In my last blood test (exactly 50 days ago) both my HDL and LDL were in optimum ranges however my total cholesterol was 6.5. My father in law who is a GP said that there are unexplained particles and it is most likely hereditary.  My iron levels were also SIGNIFICANTLY low and have been for as long as I can remember. The optimum range is 10-30 and mine was 9 😦

Fast forward 50 days later. Are you hanging on your chairs and wondering….. SOOOOO!!!?  After much anticipation and wondering how I was going to explain to friends and family if my cholesterol was going to be worst off. 😛 Here are the results:

  • Total Cholesterol 5.5 (That’s down 1 point which is HUGE for 50 days. In the past that would of taken me 1 year and even then I’m not sure since I’ve always been relatively healthy anyway).
  • Iron 20 (That’s up from 9 putting me into healthy range of 10-30). I wasn’t expecting my iron levels to improve so this is a plus.

I have attached the rest of the result should you be interested. Mostly gibberish to non-doctorates like me 😛

So there you go. Eating heaps of eggs, meat, fat (and yes that includes my bacon and eggs breakfasts), my blood test results have significantly improved. Is this enough science to the skeptics out there? You be your own judge. For me, I’m sticking to my Paleo LIFESTYLE. It’s not a diet as I’ve never been interested in dieting my entire life. Oh and BTW…..almost forgot to add that the above results were made without taking any supplements. That is, iron supplements etc. I’ve only been taking omega 3 occasionally.

blood test results – pre and post Paleo

3 thoughts on “D-Day: Post Paleo Blood Test Results

  1. Nice work, it was worth the effort. I have high iron count so i have to watch my diet, no red meat, nuts, dried fruit, dried seaweed, no soy milk either. A lot of things that i had liked. But im getting use to it. Otherwise my blood is healthy.

      • If you have too much iron you have to withdraw blood on a regular basis to keep the iron levels to safe level. The condition is called haemochromatosis. if you have a high iron level count and dont know about it for many years, you could lead to cancer and other health problems. I’n not too bad, just a change in diet is all I need to do.

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