Whole 30 challenge complete. 43rd day to be precise

Wow, it’s day 43 of our Paleo Challenge and my Birthday so no better time but to post about how with are going with our Paleo diet.  Yes, we’ve totally past day 30.  Challenge accepted and completed. Finito!

whole 30

Thoughts to date:

  • Paleo is not a diet but a choice in lifestyle. A choice to put what you believe is good in your body.
  • Don’t try to convince families and friends. You can talk about it, but it’s all a matter of “choice”. You must want to change OR be open minded to give it the 30 day trial. The switch is either ON or OFF. It’s like any decision you usually make. When you ponder you tend to never get there. Remember it’s quite a hard concept to grasp after all it goes against all we’ve been taught.
  • You become aware of what you put into your body.  Things definitely become saltier and sweeter. I am from an Asian background where eating rice is the staple food. To make food tasty, dishes would need to be saltier or spicier when consuming with rice. I now find some dishes not palatable. MUCH TOO SALTY.
  • On Paleo even when you are full, you never feel sick FULL. Just content full.
  • Because you are eating less rice, pasta or noodles you fill up with vegetables, seafood or meat. Think about it! Rice = Sugar = energy. Veg&meat = Vitamins, minerals AND energy. Isn’t the decision obvious? Unfortunately eating is more an emotional thing as oppose to logical.
  • From week 2-3 onwards we were no longer eating every hour and feeling SUPER hungry all the time. This means that our bodies have adjusted. Using fat as fuel as opposed to sugar. With high levels of insulin, your body continues to use sugar as energy.
  • Coconut oil – Eating coconut oil keeps you fuller for much longer. No wonder it’s good for weight loss. For more details on why coconut oil is good for you see:- http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/organic-coconut-oil/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html
  • Cook in batch and eat over a few days for lunch and dinner. This makes life much easier. You can spice things up by complementing the same meals with different sides. eg. Meat balls with salad vs meat balls with zucchini spaghetti.
  • Develop a routine to help keep you organised. I make my homemade granola every 3 weeks now. It’s super easy and makes breakfast super convenient like the days of our trusty muesli.
  • Like crossfit, keep you meals constantly varied. This makes things less boring and means you are having a more balanced diet with different nutrients. We purchase our meat in bulk each fortnight. Each time I try to buy different meats and cuts (eg. chicken drumstick, pork cutlets, beef ribs, rib eye, mince pork, mince beef, Atlantic salmon etc). By keeping things interesting you are more likely to make this a lifestyle change as opposed to a short term diet where you are constantly feeling deprived.
  • The more you cook, the more creative you become.
  • When you find the perfect recipe, try variations of it (eg. I’ve tried different versions of Paleo muffins. My last was a pumpkin and walnut muffin. The first was a carrot, walnut and date muffin).
  • It doesn’t have to be BLACK or WHITE. Even though I haven’t had a cheat day as I am waiting to do my post blood test, I think it is healthy to have a cheat day every now and then. After all you should also enjoy life. The problem may be that your body won’t like the cheat foods anymore 😛
  • Take into account your ethnic background. If you are Asian and LOVE rice, well I’m sure a little rice is ok. Even though  personally don’t crave for rice, if this is the reason why you won’t try Paleo, having some is better than not trying at all. Remember the 80/20 rule. Some better than nothing. I’m sure to some degree because we are Asians our body is more acceptable to rice from thousands of years of evolution.
  • My hay fever allergies have significantly reduced this year. I had to ask a friend whether this season is bad for suffers and the answer was yes. I read somewhere that Paleo reduces your allergies. Could this be why I am not sneezing like crazy?

That’s about it folks. As you can see I think we’re hooked. Stay tune as I’m looking forward to getting my blood test in the next week or so. If you are considering Paleo, I say give it a try. Why not?  It’s only 30 days. It’s like “Dry July”. What have you got to lose? For more information I recommend reading “It starts with food” by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. It’s easy to understand and practical. Also Practical Paleo is also another great read with good recipe ideas.

Practical Paleo and It Starts with Food

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