Week 2 Paleo Diet learnings

The focus this week is getting more organise. Even though it’s only week 2 we’re already starting to develop a routine.  I guess the routine will need to be fine tuned as weeks go by. In the meantime observation are:

  • Energy levels are coming back. During week one, my hubby and I seemed to have less energy during our crossfit WODs. We’re not 100% back to normal however according to sources we should be feeling great post week 2.
  • We’ve been sleeping less, however we seem to be able to cope better.
  • Fruits have become our dessert which is great 🙂 aka – apple custard and Durian.
  • I’m discovering a BIG supportive community where you can get lots of ideas on alternative Paleo options. Loving the Zucchini Spaghetti and the breakfast alternative muesli option and Paleo Granola. This means we don’t have to cook every morning.
  • Things are getting expensive. We need to source cheaper produce and buy in bulk. The Fish Market was the first step.
  • I’m learning heaps in regards to food.
    • Did you know Buckwheat is a fruit and not a grain?
    • Did you know Peanuts and corn are legumes?
    • I was sorry to discover even Carob is a legume, thinking I found my chocolate alternative.
    • Yes you learn to read or Google what you are eating. I guess it makes sense to know what you are putting into your body.

The challenge next week will be to follow the pyramid a little more. That is, I still tend to snack more on fruits and nuts rather than vegetables.  I’ll probably need to slowly adjust this. Maybe getting organised with a veggie snack box in the fridge. Also, shopping smarter is a must. Now that we are eating heaps more veggie, meats and fruits, our grocery bill is significantly higher.


Eating Paleo can get expensive. Hence you need to be wiser with your choices. Buy in bulk where you can.  This week I went to the Sydney Fish Market with my parents. Instead of buying pre-cut Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon which can cost you $25-45/kg, we bought 1 whole fish and got them to cut it as we desired. This way, cost was only $14.99/kg.  What a bargain! My parents and I shared. This should last for 2-3 weeks. 🙂

Sydney Fish Market Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon cut 3 ways.
1. Sashimi
2. Fillet
3. Without bone but with skin

Day 7 Father’s Day Paleo Meal. Meatballs with Zucchini Spaghetti. Was delicious. Had it for lunch and dinner.


Remember always cook in bulk as you can have left overs to save you from cooking each meal.

Day 8 Paleo meals.
Breakfast: Paleo Granola with fruits
Snack: Cherry Tomato
Lunch: Yesterday’s leftover Zucchini Spaghetti meatballs and carob almond milk
Snack: Buckwheat with mulberry, dates and almond milk.
Dinner: Fish with salad and a little omelet.

Day 9 (4th Sep 12) Paleo Meals. Courtesy of the Sydney Fish Market I had heaps of Salmon Sashimi.

Day 10 Paleo meals

Day 11 Lunch at a Cafe. Grilled Salmon. Dinner was Korean Hot Pot. Sorry no picture but I can assured you I picked out only the Paleo items 😛

Day 12 Paleo Lunch – Mushroom, asparagus, meatballs and egg
Dinner – Kale, onions and carrot with fried Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon


Missing dessert? Try some tropical fruits like Custard Apple and Durian. Beware some think durians smell like shit. You either LOVE it or HATE it 😛

Day 13 Paleo meals
Breakfast – Share a kebab plate with my hubby 😛
Lunch – Meatballs with asparagus, mushroom, kimchi and egg
Arvo snack – Durian. Yum.
Dinner – Yesterday’s leftovers


Day 14 Paleo meals. Although the pictures have rice and noodles we did not eat them.
Breakfast – Homemade Granola with coconut yogurt and almond milk
lunch – Vietnamese restaurant in Canley Vale. We order grilled pork and beef with wrap and 1/2 a grilled chicken. Yum
Dinner – Zucchini Spaghetti with bulbogi beef, bean sprouts and mushrooms.


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