My first week on the Paleo

A reflection after the first week. It’s not too bad however you need to be organised. I must say it helps that I am currently not working.  I am getting more adventurous with my meals and am consciously selecting different vegetables each time to ensure we eat a variety. While grocery shopping I am also consciously looking at the listed ingredients to ensure they are Paleo safe. The number of foods that are diary free however with Soy substitutes is frustrating 😦

I’ve also been alternating our meat intake. Steaks, pork cutlet, chicken etc. Because we aren’t eating as much carbohydrate it is important to eat more good fats and protein. I’m more relaxed on fat intake compared to before. When I have an egg or 2 it doesn’t matter. As you can see I even add coconut oil to my meals.  I find that the good fats keeps me full much longer.

Final week 1 comment? Our success rate this week was 19/21 meals. Not bad I have to say 😛 It was the “eating out” that was difficult. When other people are involved. Have to become more savvy. The interesting part was, when we fell into temptation how sick both my partner and I were.  All I had was 2 glasses of red wine and literally 5 small bites of dessert. I didn’t sleep well all night. When this occurred it was on day 6 of the diet (Friday). Can my body really tell only after 6 days? If that is the case I can see why  people  continue to follow the diet after their 30 day trial.

BTW did I mention that the more you investigate the more you find alternative options like the zucchini spaghetti and the muesli. My cholesterol reading came in on the 27th Aug 2012 (Day 2) at 6.5.  Guess this is more motivation to stick to it, to really see if it works.


  • Coffee. I drink my coffee with Soy milk. Probably had 2 cups this week 😦 I love my coffee and drink it for taste 😦 Max. 1 cup a day can’t be bad, right? Maybe I’ll move from a flat white to a piccolo.
  • Eating out is still a challenge.
  • My Ascend Protein Recovery Powder and bars have Soy in them. These are great for recovery and since I have so little I figured it’s ok. When you do a sport like crossfit you really need to take protein.

Day 1 – Sunday 26th Aug 2012


Day 1 Breakfast. Starting with the standard bacon and eggs with spinach. Select lean bacon.


Failure! Had to go to Yum Cha with the in-laws

Paleo Failure


Rib eye with Rock, asparagus and tomato.

Day 2 –  Monday 27th Aug 2012


Cauliflower, capsicum, tomato, onion, eggs with spinach, avocado and smoke salmon. Getting more adventurous.

Tip: Cook a large quantity so you can have it the next day.


Day 2 Lunch – An East meets West salad fusion. Getting more adventurous. Added seaweed and kimchi my usually standard salad of rocket, asparagus and tomato

Tip: Surprising added seawood was delicious and super easy. Try this in your next salad.


Pork chops marinated with fish sauce, garlic, chilli and lime. Pumpkin, mushroom sides with Rocket, spinach, pine nut salad with olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and dukkah dressing

Day 3 – Tuesday 28th Aug 2012

Breakfast – I ate yesterday’s leftover AND this…

Banana, blueberry, dates, walnut and almond blended

Totally stuffed!!!

Lunch – A light lunch at the food court.

Sashimi Bimbimbab without the “bab” ie. rice.

Tip: There are plenty of choices at the food court. You can  ask for no rice or bread. For example a kebab on a plate.

Mid after 4pm snack – Yes always grazing 😛

Afternoon snack was some leftover pumpkin sides with seaweed and kimchi


Dinner from my mum 😦 Unfortunately not 100% Paleo however 95%. Steamed chicken, tongho vegetables and potato however with some rice flour sprinkled over it.

Day 4 – Wednesday 29th Aug 2012


FInal Product. A good alternative to muesli. Banana, strawberry, blueberry, dates, walnut, Kapai puku original blend and coconut oil.


Paleo Lunch – Leftover pumpkin sides with smoke salmon and salad

Dinner – Vietnamese chicken curry with Zucchini spaghetti. Click here for recipe.

Vietnamese Chicken Curry

Julienne Zucchini spagetti

Day 5 – Thursday 30th Aug 2012


Paleo Breakfast – Cauliflower, capsicum, onion, mushroom with egg, smoke salmon and avocado.

Lunch – Had yesterday’s leftover Chicken Curry. This is the advantage of cooking cooking. It actually tastes nicer the next day 🙂

Paleo Vietnamese Chicken Curry with added salad on top


Day 6 – Friday 31st Aug 2012


Day 6 Paleo Breakfast

Lunch – Combination of all the leftovers.

Tip: Always cook more as leftovers are very useful.

Day 6 Paleo Lunch – Combination of all the leftovers. Clearing the fridge 🙂

Dinner – Eating out at Porteno in Surry Hills. It’s a pretty Paleo friendly place if you have will power with the desserts 😛 You just have to occasionally pick out a few legumes.

Day 6 – Dinner at Porteno. Besides the dessert everything was very Paleo 🙂

Day 6 Porteno Dessert – Our weekness. I did not eat all however….

Paleo Failure

Day 7 – Saturday 1st Sep 2012


A big Paleo Breakfast after a double class of Crossfit and Yoga


We went to Grill’d and order Scotch fillet and grilled chicken Salad. Unfortunately the sprinkled feta cheese over our salad so it was a little painful picking it out. Definitely not that great. Next time we might as well order the burger and just not eat the bread. The plus is that we got to eat Fries without feeling guilty 🙂

Grilled chicken salad with Feta 😦 rocket and tomato.

Dinner Eating out for an early Father’s day at Sambal Ryde

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