A Paleo Muesli Alternative

My crossfit trainer said his wife does this. I customised the recipe to my taste.

1. Mash up banana, blueberry and strawberry. Note: The strawberries offset the sweetness of banana. Really it is really up to you which other fruits you use.

Preparation. Use fork to mash up banana. Add cut up strawsberries, blueberry and dates.

2. Add crushed up walnuts and/or almond meal. I also added a teaspoon of Kapai puku original blend.

Crush some walnuts

3. Add either 1 teapoon of Coconut or or 1/4-1/2 a mashed up avocado.

For the picture below I used coconut oil. My mother in-law who is a GP sent me this video on how coconut improves Alzheimer disease. In the Paleo Diet, coconut is not EVIL. However remember it must be cold press and have no hydrogenated fat. I doubt very much what they put in Asian Curries are these 😦

Coconut oil from Harris Farms. Note: Important to check the label for “No hydrogenated fat”.

1 teaspoon of coconut oil. It’s not the consistency you expect oil to be.

It’s not exactly the consistency you expect. I think it’s probably because it is Winter. That is temperature below 18 degrees.

Note: The coconut oil is quite filling. Much more feeling than avocado so use the option your tummy needs 🙂 I was full for 4.5 hours which is unusual as I usually get peckish around 10.30am when I’ve had oat muesli around the same time.

The final product – With Coconut Oil

FInal Product. A good alternative to muesli. Banana, strawberry, blueberry, dates, walnut, Kapai puku original blend and coconut oil.

Final Product – With no coconut or avocado.

Banana, blueberry, dates, walnut and almond blended

With no added good fat you get hungry much faster.

The final Product – With Avocado

Muesli alternative with avocado

The avocado is my favourite. It breaks the sweetness of the banana and is not too heavy, justtttt right 🙂

Hope this helps overcome you muesli craving while on the Paleo Diet. It’s a great alternative and doesn’t taste too far from the original. Just a little more time to prepare. If you have any Paleo breakfast suggestions I would love to hear about it as I think Breakfast is the most challenge meal or change.

If you would like another breakfast alternative refer to my other post on how to make your own Paleo granola.

7 thoughts on “A Paleo Muesli Alternative

  1. Thisi s great Linda- I’ll give it a go. What is Kapai ?? I clicked on the link but it doesn’t really tell you what it is – why this and not other types of muesli (apart from the lack of sugar etc)

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