Wine Tasting @ Custom House

Feeling a bit wheezy today after a big night wine tasting some of Victoria’s best wines at Custom House yesterday.  There goes my fitness regime. Note to self. Drink more water 🙂

The plus side is that it was well worth it. Some of the participants were:

Dalwhinnie – David Jones
Jasper Hill – Emily McNally
Moorooduc Estate – Rick & Kate McIntyre
Bannockburn – Michael Glover
Bass Phillip – Philip Jones
Bindi – Michael Dhillon
Craiglee – Pat Carmody
Crawford River – John Thomson
Yeringberg – Sandra de Pury
TarraWarra Estate – Clare Halloran

As you can see from the participants it was definitely a Pinot and Chardonnay night. Towards the end of the night my memory becomes a bit vague however here’s my recollection.

  1. Bass Phillips. Loved all the 2010 pinots, especially the Premium. I have the 2005 Estate sitting in my wine fridge.
  2. Jasper Hills Riesling 2002. I am usually not a Riesling fan, but then again have never really tried aged Riesling. The “age” makes a huge difference. It no longer is in your face, if you know what I mean. This year they did not release any Emily or Georgia’s paddock as the weather was much too wet. Instead there was a blend of the 2. Can’t remember what they called it but it had a yellow label.
  3. Crawford River Aged Riesling. Never heard of Crawford River until yesterday. There aged Riesling is definitely a winner. Not sure about their Rose which tasted like cough drops to me :S
  4. Bannockburn. I am usually a fan of Bannockburn however was not impressed yesterday. Maybe the temperature was too warm for their whites and maybe they only displayed their cheaper ranges.
  5. TarraWarra Estate has good pinot. I actually have the 2004 vintage in my wine fridge. Yesterday it was good, not wow, but I think the temperature and our crappy glasses didn’t help. What?! Pinots but not in pinot glasses?!! Yes. My other half would of been disgusted 😛

As for the other vineyards I better not comment as that is where my taste and memory fails me 😛

So who was the winner of the night?

Bass Phillips for sure. Even their lower grade wines were good. And yes, even when it was not served in a pinot glass 🙂

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