Crossfit – A reflection after 2 months

A few friends have been asking how my partner and I are going with our crossfit. Some just think we are crazy by putting ourselves through all the pain. Here’s a summary after 2 months.

What do I love above Crossfit?

  1. You notice yourself getting stronger.  I started using 13kg for most of the Olympic lifts (eg. Thrusters, push press etc) Now I am using 20kg. Same with the kettle bells, from 8kg to 12kgs.
  2. Your routine constantly varies. This means your muscles never gets use to the routine and you can never get bored as you are constantly challenged. End result? You will surely always be sore and will notice changes to your body.
  3. Your strengths and weaknesses will balance out. I used to have a really strong core  relative to other body parts. Now my core is not as strong BUT other body parts like my back and shoulders are the strongest they have ever been. This holds true to their philosophy, “you won’t be great, but will be good in all things”. Think about it. Can an Olympic lifter run and jump fast with agility, flexibility? No, but a person who does crossfit should, even though they will not hold a world record for their Olympic lift. If you asked me, this is much healthier. Refer to my first article on crossfit.
  4. The routines are short but effective. Before crossfit my other half and I may spend 60-90mins at the gym. We maintained our fitness but did not get stronger. A crossfit routine greater than 30min is rare. Most are 10-20mins. Yes it’s short, but very intense. Most of the time you end up on the floor huffing. It’s great for those short on time.
  5. You can do your WOD anywhere. BTW a WOD stands for the “Work out of the day”. At home? On holidays? Well, it doesn’t really matter. You can always make up some sort of WOD as it does not rely heavily on gym equipment. At most, basic weights, kettle bells and a bar or box.
  6. I am always doing something that challenges me.  The fact that some people think we’re crazy is kinda cool as sometimes we look at the routine and think that’s crazy too. That’s when you aspire to the saying “one day”. When that day comes it’s so satisfying. Today, not only did I find out what a “pistol” is….. ie. A one legged squat. My partner and I were the only 2 in the class that can do it. 2 months ago I recall attempting one after seeing a youtube video on “what is crossfit?”. I attempted it but nup, no go. So today when the trainer told us to try were really surprised that we could. BTW here is an example of a pistol on youtube. What next? Aspire to do deeper pistols and maybe even with a kettle bell one day.
  7. Comradeship. There is a feeling of togetherness. You cheer each other on. You get to know your mates weaknesses and when one day you see them hit the next level, you are happy for them too. It’s a bit like the 5 finger community when barefoot running started. You even speak a different language. AMRAP – As much rep as possible. FRAN – 21-15-9 Thrusters, pull ups. Yes, they name some of their WODs.
  8. Competition is the motivator. Unlike having a personal trainer who pushes you, the main motivator in crossfit is the fact that you are being measured either for time or number of reps you can complete. Crossfit games is one of the largest competitions in the world. Think they said 70,000 world wide competed this year.

Does it bulk you? This is a question constantly asked by my girlfriends. Answer: No. You are doing too many reps for it to bulk you. Plus as I mentioned above, the routine constantly changes. Sure you will build muscles however in a good way. My other half on the contrary has lost weight. His shoulders use to be huge, as that was his focus at the gym. Now he is more balance with stronger legs. Shoulders are still strong just more balanced. A more balanced being = being more healthy 🙂

As you can see above, in short, I love crossfit. Thanks Crossfit Chatswood for getting me into Crossfit. For those who have yet to try. Ignore all the pessimistic noise in the community and just give it a try. Only you can judge for yourself.

BTW as a final comment.  My chiro recommended that I do not lift weights above my head as my spine is slightly curved. He was quite skeptic about crossfit. Originally I was a little worried, however decided to try crossfit anyway. Result? Back is definitely stronger and it’s definitely helped. It’s not all doom and gloom. Morale of the story? Even a professional chiro can be wrong.

Crossfit - A reflection after 2 months | Pingheng

Crossfit games 2009

If you are interested in reading more about Crossfit check out Wodnut. A community for Crossfit and Paleo Lovers.


One thought on “Crossfit – A reflection after 2 months

  1. That was a very good article.
    Some inspiration comes from inside & some by doing other things.
    I just love your article & I won’t say that it didn’t increase the rate of my inspiration.
    So, I started going to many functional fitness labs.
    Currently selecting.

    Anyway, Thanks for the interesting share.

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