Crossfit – The concept rings a bell with me

Dear Readers. Sorry for being so slack lately. It’s been a while since I last posted. Wedding preparations and being on crazy projects at work has taken it’s toll. Posting about wedding stuff is always not an option since I want thing to remain a surprise. Will promise to provide some tips and hints post the event.

On a different note today I attended my first Crossfit training. Crossfit what? Crossfit is the next latest thing to hit Australia from the United States. I only found out today  that it’s been around for around 10 years. Guess it’s only gone mainstream lately. It’s the form of training that policeman and military usually undergo. The concept really rang a cord with me. Training to create overall fitness for life. It’s all about “balance” and hence my title “Pingheng”. I used to often tell my fiance that overdoing anything is bad for the body. Professional tennis players have bad elbows, runners have bad knees etc.

We were asked what is fitness? The answer was a balance between all of the following:

  1. Strength
  2. Stamina
  3. Agility
  4. Flexibility
  5. Power
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Accuracy
  9. Balance
  10. Endurance

It does put things into perspective. At this point the penny kinda dropped. My current training only covered a few items. At most strength, flexibility, coordination and maybe balance.

The next concept that rang a cord with me was “functional movements”. Why are we doing certain types of movement only at the gym? A good example is deltoids raises. When would we do a deltoids raise outside the gym? Does this help us live a better life? Back to the cave days people would hunt, pick things up, jump etc.  These are all functional movements. Movements where multiple muscle groups are utilised. Movements that are actually used in everyday life.

This is only my first crossfit class and my experience is from one location. Hence I am in no position to say Yay or Nay. I just got excited and wanted to share the excitement. The concept makes total sense. Our first session felt like a structured and more intensive bootcamp. You compete amongst the people in your group and that is the motivation. There will be no instructor screaming into your ear. The atmosphere is social and you are challenged as I am sure no one has the “10” fitness criteria listed above.

If you are interested, want to take your gym/fitness to the next level, unsure from all the controversial blogs out there? I say just give it a try. Ignore the negatives comments. My view is that all types of sport that challenges you are prone to the risk of injury. Try and judge for yourself. What is the worst that can happen? Try, don’t like, stop. That’s my theory. I’ll keep you posted on how we go.

PS. First training session consisted of:

  • Squats
  • Skipping – double loop skipping was a challenge.
  • Chin ups (assisted with rubber bands) Note: I am female and it was not as daunting as it looks with the rubber bands 🙂
  • Push ups
  • Running
  • lunging over a distance

Check out these inspiring videos. More things to look forward to 🙂

What is Crossfit?

What is Crossfit? Reebok Anthem


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