The spirit of Christmas

This year I decided to get into the spirit of Christmas. I must say going shopping for a Christmas tree and decorating the place makes a difference in whether you feel it’s Christmas or not. Last year Christmas came and went and it was like, was that it? Gosh time flies. So if you are undecided on whether to bother, come on… a little effort does make it more fun. You don’t need children to have to bother!!!

Decorating a tree has the same principles as decorating your room. The tips are:

  1. Think of the colour scheme of your room. Use colours that compliment your room (eg. I deliberately used orange on my tree to resonate the colour of my cushion).
  2. Apply the 80:20 rule. 80% neutral and 20% colour. Neutrals being white, silver, clear.  This not only makes the colour stand out more but makes it easy to change colour in the future.
  3. Try to select objects that are different in shape and texture (eg. I used metal acorn, word acorn, crystal drops, silver parsley, clear balls, wire balls, butterfly etc).
  4. Repeat your objects. Decide on a few favorite and stick to those. Getting 1 object of everything becomes a bit like “everything”. You see nothing.
  5. Mix cheap and expensive so it doesn’t look entirely tacky (eg. 70% of my decorations came from the Christmas Warehouse in Alexandria, while the other 30% came from DJ).
  6. Most importantly of all have fun with the process. Putting up the tree should not be a chore. Get your partner, sister etc. Put on some music, have a glass of wine handy and viola….before you know it the tree is up.

Below are some pics.

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