The new Ikea Tempe – Breaking the record

Totally exhausted!!!! Spent the weekend including the last cleaning up the Study. It looked like a store room, so what better to do but to go to Ikea for some desperate storage solution.  We ended up picking the Hermes Bookcase as it suited the look of the room.  BTW the title of the post is “Ikea Tempe – Breaking the record” as we ended up going to Ikea 3 days in a row and this excludes the last weekend 😦  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Very sad. To cut the long story short, we either had picked up wrong items, forgotten to buy things (yes, Ikea does this to you as you get distracted with so many things…) or OR our trusty wagon could not fit everything in. I’ve never been so Ikea’ed OUT.  Warning, if you need to go for a return or exchange I suggest you go REALLY early if you are planning on checking out Tempe. Alternatively head out to Rhodes as most people have headed out to Tempe. And don’t even thing about Friday after work, it’s the longest exchange queue I’ve ever seen.

The Tempe Ikea is much larger with more items displayed and heaps more parking (ie. The largest in the Southern hemisphere at 39,000 sqm). However if you know what you are after, do not want to browse, want to avoid the crowd, then head to Rhodes or go to Tempe early (ie.around 9.30-10.30am).

Before - previous owner's deco

After - Transformed what looked like a store room. You can finally walk in and open the balcony door. Thanks to Ikea Hermes Bookcases

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