Australia’s 100 yen shop is here – “Daiso”

It’s funny how timely things are. Just a few months back my brother-in-law mentioned the 100 yen shop as a potential business concept. Well too late. It’s here. Japan’s Daiso with over 3200 stores worldwide.  Everything in store is only $2.80. Yep, $2.80. Of course not all items are worth $2.80 however this is how they make money. Low margins BUT high volume. Then mixing higher margin items as you walk past with a mindset that everything is CHEAP. Opps …… I’m such a sucker. I was browsing to see what the hype was about and walked out $60 poorer 😦

If you’ve never been to a 100 Yen shop you have to give it a go. It’s very different to Australia’s bargain shops  with better value and quality items. I particularly like all the “Japanese” stuff. Check out some of the items I purchased. My favourite is the ear picker cotton bud 🙂 It’s great and works really well.

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So after all that, where you ask? For Sydney-siders where best but Chatswood, with all those Asian hungry bargain hunters 🙂 It’s located in Mandarin Center. Just a warning that there may be a LONG queue if you are going on a weekend. Have fun shopping.

Here is a clip on “A Current Affair” about the giant retailer.

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