Finally coming together – The informal lounge room

The informal lounge room is finally coming together. Bought a few temporary items today at Freedom to keep the place neat and tidy (ie. until we can afford what we really want). The “Tee Vee” ie TV stand is $129 (reduced from $199), the white side table is a bargain at $25 (originally around $50 I think) and the door mat is $33.

In preparation for Spring we also swapped the rather warm Dinosaur Rug for a white neutral cow hide. Love the cool soft feeling of the cow hide under you feet.

Design comments: First and foremost, I think everything should be practical otherwise you won’t bother using the space. e.g.

  • Door Mat – Walking in from the garden. Keeps dirt outside.
  • Rattan stool – Provides storage for garden boots and thongs for the gardan.
  • Side and coffee tables – Should be positioned in an convenient location for guest.

Secondly in terms of colour, apply the 80/20 rule. That is, 80% neutral and 20% colour. This way, you draw people’s attention to where the colour is (eg. The Chairs).

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