A 3 box step, STEP class!

Have you ever done a step class  with 3 steps?!! I tried for the first time last Friday. It’s great!! Challenging, but if you are a regular advanced stepper, its not as daunting as it sounds. If you are wondering what my definition of an advanced stepper is, I found a good  video example – Click here. This is a typical example of a standard class. Unfortunately it’s not the 3 box version I am referring to. I could not find one from Mr Google. Just imagine doing what is in the attached video however you are stepping over and spinning across 3 steps.

Like all step classes you need to get use to the style and jargon used by the instructor. Sashay, mambo, around the world…..What the???!! Don’t worry. All Steppers have been there and done that. Looking lost and ridiculous a few times is normal 😛 If you ask any stepper, the key is rhythm. It’s a bit like dancing. Move with the beat or you are GONE! No rhythm, and you’ll be constantly lost 😦 For beginners, the other key is “persistence”. You can’t just go once and give up. My recommendation is 5 times.

A word of warning though…..once you hit your 5th class, there is danger that you may get the step itch.  The itch to follow your instructor wherever he/she goes, the itch to give up your Friday evenings because it just so happens that, that is when the BEST class is on :O I left my regular step class 3 yrs ago.  When I turned up last Friday, the class was not only full, but full of familiar faces. A blast from the past. These people must have been doing step for more than 10 years!!  It’s exciting, as I get reacquainted to the vibe and energy of the room. Something I have really missed.

Have you got the Step itch? Is there a step you’ll like to share? If you are a beginner, why not give it a go. There is nothing to lose and all to gain.


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