The return to Fitness First and my 2XU calf guard

Since I joined Vclub 18 months ago I have been doing lots of pilate, reformer and pump. These are great and I will definitely miss my reformer instructor of which I coincidentally bumped into on my first day back at Fitness First. Unfortunately she does not teach and was only training there 😦 Is that a sign? 😛

My first day back reminded me of the good old days.  I forgot how I missed Body Attack. This is a high intensity aerobic class. There is something about getting the heart pumping and being energised by the screams of regular attendees. It seems classes that attract cult following are Body Attack and Step. Well, I say this because I use to be one of them. Rain, hail or shine we’ll turn up and have a favourite spot upon which a poor new starter will be stared at if he/she unknowingly takes the spot. There are also favourite instructors and “Us” fans will be highly disappointed if he/she leaves or is replaced. This is particular true for Step instructors. I’m looking forward to discovering the “best” instructors again. Are you a BA and Step fan too? Do you have a favourite instructor you would like to share?

PS. My 2XU calf guard arrived and I am taking this opportunity to test how good it is. Not sure yet as I am used to the tights and it feels a little short. Think it should be like this though. The reviews I read were great. Will keep you posted when I get to try it out a little more. It’s convenient for recovery as it acts like socks. 🙂

PSS. Sometimes it’s good to change your routine. Try something new or something you haven’t done for a while. This gets you excited and motivated again.

2XU calf Guards

One thought on “The return to Fitness First and my 2XU calf guard

  1. This particular post, “The return to Fitness First and my 2XU calf guard | Pingheng 平衡” ended up being perfect.
    I’m impressing out a copy to clearly show my friends.
    Thanks for your effort,Erin

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