Food meets photography – Trialing the Fuji X100

Took my Japanese friend to Bistro Baroque at the Rocks yesterday and was totally impressed. Not only by the bistro but the performance of the Fuji FinePix X100. Here is my 2 cents worth of both.

Baroque Bistro

  • Food – 9/10
  • Service – 8/10
  • Atmosphere – 8/10

Food was fantastic. Will definitely return. My only complaint was that they did not decanter my wine considering the cost of $99 per bottle. Also, the wrong wine glasses were provided. Yes, am pedantic that a place that sells $99 wines does not provide the proper wine glasses.

Fuji X100 review – A consumer’s review.

I’ll keep my review short and simple since there are plenty of websites you can find.

  • Looks – 9/10 Great if you love the Leica look however cannot afford the ridiculous cost of a Leica. You can also buy a cool leather case however it does make the camera a little bulkier.
  • Function – 9/10. Great for street photography. Performed really well in low lighting conditions. The photos I took below is without a flash or tripod in dimly lit dining. Considering this, there is minimal noise. Lens produces great sharpness. This is because their is no zoom. Zoom often offsets the quality of the lens. Generally, the more range and greater the zoom the more distortion there will be. The offset of this benefit is the convenience. Having said this, I only wanted the zoom once the day I acted as tour guide to my Japanese friend. At the end of the day it really depends on the use of the camera. 13th Aug – Just an additional comment. The focus on the macro function seems a bit finicky. Sometimes the auto focus has difficulty focusing. Not sure if it is the dim lighting as I am often taking photos of food at restaurants.
  • Value – 8/10. Comparable to other cameras. The other one would consider would be the Sony NEX-5. Keep in mind these are 2 very different cameras. See comparison here.

Buy Fuji FinePix X100 @ Pro Digital

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