A must know when selecting fabric – My Iko Iko Chairs

My new Jardan Iko Iko chairs arrived last weekend. After much anticipation I was disappointed that the colour of the fabric was not what I originally envisaged 😦 An expensive lesson to learn. The colour is not bad, just not want I wanted. Yes, by now you probably know that I am pedantic with my colours.  The salesperson actually said that it looks so good, they should use this colour for their showroom (I have to agree as they one they had was kind…..no comments). To be fair, actually looks quite good on it’s own. Just…. just..when you put it into my space…..something is not quite right. I’ll give it a 85% rather than my desired 98% score. 😦

Another lesson learnt: Always reconfirm the colour of your fabric under natural lighting. My regular contact Joe @ Home Gallery would usually emphasise this. However I was unlucky that he was overseas at the time I placed the order. The salesperson I had did not remind us. Result? Under the store light, the fabric looked more dull and was more a grey blue rather (what I wanted) rather than a bright aqua blue. I immediately new I had selected the wrong colour when walking with the fabric sample to the car to confirm that the right fabric was used.  It’s disappointing as the salesperson knew we did not want a bright or aqua coloured blue.  Such a bummer but I guess there is no point dwelling on something that is done.  My boyfriend kindly reminds me that I can reupholster after 10 years :O

On a positive note, the Jardan Iko Iko is a very comfortable chair that is simple, yet funky. It adds a splash of colour to my otherwise monochromatic room.

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