My new Riedel Montrachet glasses (Vitis range)

A Montrachet glass? What in the world is that? Are you like me and just wished Riedel uses languages “normal” people would understand. Guess they assumed those willing to purchase a Riedel glass, would know what a Montrachet is. To them it’s like saying what is a “Bordeaux” (Cabernet Sav/merlot blend)? What is a “Burgundy” (Pinot Noir)? Now that I think of it, those terms were foreign once upon a time. 😛

OK enough suspense. A Montrachet glass is a Chardonnay glass. If you are heading to Victoria Basement or Peters of Kensington (which are the places I would recommend as they are significantly cheaper than the department stores), you may need the item code as the box descriptions can be rather vague. For the Vitis range the item code is 0403/97. Vitis is up from the Vinum and Vinum extreme. To memory besides the more elegant look, I believe it’s 1 piece of glass without having joins. In terms of impact or taste of the wine, it’s the same. The different ranges is more a matter of looks and glass quality/finish.

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PS. I assume everyone knows that the glass makes a HUGE difference (ie. in smell and taste). If you are going to buy expensive wine, you might as well maximise it’s potential. Well that is at least my opinion. To the skeptics, all I can say is, TRY before you judge.

So if you’ve given it a go let us know your thoughts? Significant difference or waste of money?


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