My custom Bookshelves – Part 2

This Saturday my custom bookshelves will finally be complete. The marble bench tops are being installed.  My boyfriend and I have been busy painting the shelves before the marble arrives. We do not want any paint to platter on the porous marble even though it will be sealed. To create the rustic French Provincial look we’ve opted to use Porter’s Milk paint.  I’m super glad we did. For more details on Porter’s Milk Paint refer to my previous post. Note: Our original RKP would of used standard Dulux paint. It must be a sign that it was not meant to be. 🙂

OK, OK…….So you ask, who are my super efficient replacement of the dodgy RKP? If you’ve been reading part 1, RPK stands for a “renown kitchen place”. Moving on with no further adjure, my RKP replacement is Woodstone Kitchens. Although their website does not look like it, Woodstone Kitchen specialises in French Provincial kitchens.  They have been doing so for many years (I think maybe 10-20yr?).  Generally, they are the suppliers/contractors to other kitchen retailers (such as my RKP) and hence is not very well known themselves.  My review of Woodstones Kitchen is as follow.


  • Service is impeccable – ie. They are prompt in email responses and appointments. The later being particularly rare for tradesmen.
  • They are flexible (e.g. you can opt to paint and supply your own knobs if desired). I was able to use their connections to get trade prices for my knobs and hinges at Mother of Pearl PYD.
  • Turnaround time is per promised. That is, 3-4 weeks. Mine has taken longer as I needed the time to paint the cabinets.
  • A Saturday installation can be requested.
  • They were willing to come round to pick up the hinges/knobs without requiring us to drop them at the showroom.
  • During installation day they worked from 10am to 9pm at night, with only a 1 hour lunch break.
  • The quality and workmanship is good. They did a great job in filling the gaps to make the cabinet look built-in. Trust me, you don’t appreciate this until you see how much work it is.


  • The doors I ordered arrived in a different style. Having said this, this was rectified efficiently with no questions asked.
  • A few nails were not puttied up. I found a 10-15cm scratch on the wall that needed touch up and some scratches to the wood floor. Guess after 11 hours, it’s hard to fault. The lighting in the room may have made it hard to see and because it was raining outside they had to do the cutting indoor.
  • My shelves were not one solid piece of 40mm thick pine. They were made from 2 pieces of MDF stuck together with pine facade to look like one solid piece.  Cosmetic wise guess you cannot tell. This was not clear when I made my order. Having said this, I think using MDF with veneer or a pine facade is common practice. I was told that this makes the shelves stronger and is the same specification as my RPK.
  • The masonry’s service (ie. marble installation) is a 5/10. Can be heaps better.


I would recommend Woodstone Kitchens. Doing business with them was a pleasure. They are efficient and deliver what they promised.  The above cons are minor and can be lived with. A learning I would say however, is to request for delivery and installation to occur on separate days, if you are painting the cabinets yourself. This way, painting would be much easier. I did ask the question prior to the installation however was told it is better to install then paint. In retrospective, I should of insisted as I think the best order would be:  Deliver>Paint>Install>Then you can touch up the missing sections. The alternative is to send your painter to their factory prior to delivery. As we were painting the shelves ourselves, this was not an option. Also ensure they send the Masonry guys for the installation. Otherwise delivery and installation may fall over 2 or more weekends.

To not ruin the surprise factor I have pasted an unpainted photo of the cabinets below. Keep posted for part 3 where I will post the final product. Part 3 – click here

Custom bookshelves post installation - Yet to be painted and without marble top

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