My new shoe storage solution

Do you have a zillion shoes? Do you struggle to find them? Do you have a tendency to forget what you have bought? They don’t all fit into your shoe cabinet? Love Carrie from Sex in the City’s walk in wardrobe however it’s probably not realistic 😦 Well I finally found a shoe storage solution. It’s not CHEAP however very functional. The alternative option is Howard Storage which is unaffordable @ $22 per clear box. Let me introduce you to Benji Box. A clever storage solution.


  • Best solution I have found in the market (so far).
  • Good quality plastic and well thought out (eg. draw system, stackable, vent holes and non-slip sticker).
  • Arrives flat pack for easy delivery. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • Service was impeccable. I ordered on the weekend and received the box on Monday via courier at no extra cost. Was expecting at least 2 business days.


  • The only con I can think of is, removing the protective plastic was a bit of a pain as it could not be pulled off in one go. You need to fold the boxes (like origami which is a little time consuming).
  • Price wise it is not exactly cheap at $5 per box however it is competitive particularly in comparison to Howard Storage. Note: I bought them on sale. Think they may be $10/box now.


What is your storage solution? Have you found a functional and affordable option? If so, let us know. I’m sure lots of us females out there would be interested.

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