So excited! – My custom bookshelves are coming soon (Part 1)

To those who may recall, last year my custom made book shelves never arrived. For the purpose of this and future post, the original suppliers will be called “RKP” a renown kitchen place. All I can say is that it is on Willoughby road. After my disappointment I wrote a “post” which surprisingly generated a lots of comments.  From these comments I managed to discover my RKP’s suppliers 🙂 Hooray, I bet you already no where I am going.

After some efficient email correspondence, a prompt onsite measurement & quote and a visit to their showroom, I can now announce that I have a FIRM installation date of the 11th June 2011. Next weekend. Hip hip horray!  Yes you heard right, a firm date where delivery and installation will occur simultaneously.

  1. I have firm date. This shouldn’t be difficult however to those who read my “other” post (before it was removed), you’ll understand where  I am coming from.
  2. Delivery and installation are done on the same day. Yes, unlike my RKP where they claim delivery and installation are by different people.

Thus far you must be asking, SO who is my super efficient supplier? Well, come back and more will be revealed.

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