My new greenBo planter

Bought 3 new greenbo planter a few weeks ago and I just managed to pot them last weekend. Unfortunately this was a bit of impulse buy so I am not sure where to put the third one 😦 Bought mine at Urban Balcony. Click here.

Tip: Impulse buy is NOT good. It sometimes work out well. However……

Greenbo planter

Lirope in the center


The propagation of mum’s succulent is doing very well.

Echeveria Imbricata propagated from the pot my mum gave me. I had to replace my Euphorbia casulties. They didn't like the constant rain we had this Summer.

3.5 months later - Have grown significantly.

Tip: My Echeveria Imbricata seem to flower very often. This looks great however should be cut off as the plant usages up lots of nutrients. This enables them to grow faster. The benefit is that this supplies me with cheap cuttings for the house 🙂

Echeveria Imbricata flowers in vase


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