Replanted our dragon plant this weekend

Replanted our dragon plant this weekend. The leaves were getting scrawny and looking a little awkward for the size pot it was in. Below is a pic of the plant 15 months ago. This is actually a better picture as we bought the plant on sale. Dragon plants can be very expensive so even though it was a little pot bound the $15 sounded really good 🙂 Actually this is a good tip. It takes a little more patience and TLC however you can get some really good bargains this way.

Dragon plant 15months ago.

15mths later. Looking much happier in a large pot. Pot available from Bunnings.

Had to save my jack flap as I originally planted too much in one pot 😦

Echeveria Family however can't remember the name. Love the purple.

Tip: Dragon plants love the sun. The can survive in shade however their leaves will not be as lush. For more details on how to care for dragon plants click here.

Dragon plants are an architectural plant. Use it as a statement. Hope you love dragon plants as much as I do.


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