Something a little different however related – Aesop hand balm

Something a little different however related. If you are a regular reader you will know that my boyfriend and I have been doing a little hard labor around the house. As a result our hands felt a little like the 80 grit sandpaper we were using around the house 😦 Can you believe my mum, who is 60 plus, has softer hands than me. Anyway, moving on …… :S

In the usual circumstances my criteria on a good hand cream is, it smells good, is not greasy and feels moisturising. A few hand creams in the past has met that criteria. To name a few of my favourites – Jurlique and Crabtree & Evelyn.  My mum often said, the real test of a product is when you really need it (e.g. if you do not lack iron, then you cannot feel the difference when you take iron supplements). Well let me say that we really needed hand cream. I have always loved the packaging of the Aesop. Yes a sucker for packaging.  Does it help if a trustworthy friend recommended the brand? :PAnyway, in short the verdict? Highly recommended. I bought the Aesop aromatic resurrection hand balm and hand wash pack (as it is cheaper as a twin pack of 2 x 500ml). I said cheaper, not cheap 😦  You can conveniently get it at DJ for $121 or hopefully with credit card point redemption vouchers 🙂

Aesop is made in Australia. For more details see

Aesop Aromatic Resurrection Hand Balm


6 thoughts on “Something a little different however related – Aesop hand balm

  1. $121??? At that price as well as sorting my hands out, it should be bringing me a cup of tea in bed every morning :).

  2. tried to order it online, thought I’ll use my credit card, what kind of site gives you a shopping cart design and then tells you they will contact you…. duhhhh!!

    Thank you for placing an order with Aesop.
    One of our consultants will be in contact with you shortly, to confirm your order over the phone, and arrange for your purchase to be shipped to you.
    Should you have any questions in the meantime please contact Aesop Online, at, or by calling 1300 721 754.
    Return to

    • Thanks a bummer. Yes there website isn’t user friendly at all. If you live in australia you can get it at david jones. Think Myers may have it too.

  3. Hey! I tried this at Marque Restaurant bathrooms and loved it… just can’t justify the price 😛 But the aroma is AMAZING!

    • hahah yes I have to agree a little absorbent. 😛 Thinking it’s a pressie to myself since we’ve been working so hard on the house 😛 It does smell great!

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