Another Teaser – Bedroom 2 is complete

It‘s been a while since my last post. Time just seems to fly weekend after weekend. Now that it’s colder it’s hard to stay motivated. My new apartment always has a constant breeze. It was great during Summer and when we wanted the first coat to dry quickly however lately it’s just BRRRRR…….I’ve swapped my thongs for some Australian made ugg boots 🙂

In my last post I provided a little teaser. What happened you asked? What took so long? Well like a female who is preparing for her first date, I’ve been adding the little details. I believe little details make the difference between nice and GREAT. For a house/apartment what are they you ask? Well, it’s things like hardware (eg. door knobs) and lighting. Yes, here I am on again about lighting. If you are a regular reader you may have heard me rant about lighting before. How it creates the right mood and dresses up the place. I believe it is these smaller details that gives a place more personality. Personality that should reflect you. Just like that little piece of jewellery, handbag or shoe that makes all the difference. Or for the guys out, that iphone cover that accessorizes your phone 🙂

To be continued…..

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Dated veneer wardrobe. Old fashion ceiling lights. Worn out carpets.

After - Wardrobe painted in "White" with White knight laminate paint. Updated ceiling light. Changed carpet and door knob.


4 thoughts on “Another Teaser – Bedroom 2 is complete

    • Thanks Grace. Yes makes a huge difference. Certainly brightens up the room and contrasts with the choc carpets. 🙂 Need to take a proper pic where u can see the carpets 😛

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