Are we there yet? Our worst painting weekend….

Saturday was a bit of a disaster. My boyfriend and I thought we could finish our painting. With one more coat to go in the lounge and the master bedroom, finishing the second bedroom and the kitchen would off been a breeze by Sunday.  The decision at the beginning was never to paint the skirting board or doors as they looked like they just had a fresh coat of paint.  Though the workmanship was a little dodgy, it was suffice. Trims always is the most time consuming part of painting. So when you don’t need to paint trims you can finish a room in half the time. Hence the original estimation was 4-5 full days to paint the entire apartment.

Well that WAS the plan.  No wonder they always say to add 20% contingency when renovating. All the unexpected things that could happen. To cut the story short, we came back from lunch expecting to pull the tape off to 2 lovely fresh finished rooms. To our disappointment, when the tape came off so did the paint.  So now, we HAVE to paint the trims. Not just the trims but the window and the doors, otherwise you would have miss matched colours on the wood work 😦 Like that, 3 weekends of work was easily added. Unfortunately for me I have lined everything up. Coming Saturday, new floor board installation. 5 days after that, new carpets. The choice was to either reschedule OR to try and finish the rooms where the floor boards would be installed. Then coming weekend, to to finish the other 2 rooms for the carpet installation.

To those we know me when I’m on a mission, I just want to get it over and done with. Even when the process may be a little painful. My patient boyfriend agreed to see how much we could get done.  I would describe the progress to be a sanding Tsunami. One touch and the paint just couldn’t stop peeling 😦 After 7 hours of back breaking scraping and sanding we managed to apply 1 undercoat. I have to admit that this time round I was less of a perfectionist and applied the 80:20 rule puttying only the worst sections. Trust me after 10 hours of physical labour you would probably do the same. It also didn’t help that I had a big night on Friday celebrating a friend’s 40th 😛

The next day lying in bed and feeling sore all over I suggested to my boyfriend if it would help to buy some serious sanding tools. We were very lucky when painting his place. The wood work did not give us half the trouble. Our conclusion is that when an apartment is rented, it receive less TLC and this is the result.  The previous owner was quite dodgy. My neighbour told me they painted just to sell, applying only 1 coat of paint.  We assume the trims received ZERO prep work.  A poor paint job only creates more work for the next painter. Unfortunately in this instance that was us. It would be better if they had not painted at all.

The tools made a huge difference. I’ll have to post a page about that soon and all the stuff I have learnt a lot from this project.  In the meantime, it is suffice to say that we DID finished the lounge and master bedroom. So yipee….. we are ready for the floating floor boards this Saturday. At least the 2 days of 10 hrs+ labour paid off.

And for the record, painting trims always make a HUGE difference. I don’t understand why people never use WHITE WHITE. Using shades/various tones of white is just off putting. White white creates a blank canvas for any selected colours.

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