Lounge chairs and Jardan Kelly, Iko Iko and the Cleo

Have been drooling over the Jardan chairs for a while now. 😦 We actually have the Jardan Cleo however that was a little splurge at the time. I must say it is a very comfortable sofa as it is stuffed with feather making it firm but not too soft (ie. you don’t sink and feel that your back would get sore, if you know what I mean). My boyfriend is very cute. Now and then a feather would fall out and he would diligently tuck it back in 😛 With Jardan you always have the option of selecting the fabric. Obviously the quality of the fabric can result in a big price variance. For us we selected the Westbury Geneva Gray fabric which is a linen however with a subtle silver grey sheen.  If you are looking for good plain linen fabrics Westbury Textile in Rushcutters is highlighly recommended. The only problem is that they are only opened on weekdays. Good fabric shops should stock some samples, though you won’t have the full range.

Now, I am looking for some chairs to go with the sofa. It’s amazing how expensive chairs can get. It’s also amazing how difficult it is to find one that is right. I think I’ve been searching on and off for 10 months now. I think I’m more picky with the chairs as you can have a little more fun. It’s an opportunity to show your personality. For me, I always think a nice chair can be a statement (similar to art). I’m looking for something a little funky OR original. By original, I mean one off, hard to fine pieces. Generally stuff that has been restored or has potential of being restored. This is extremely difficult to find and when you do find it, it not within budget. Most of the chairs I’ve liked were always $2K+ per chair.  Every now and then when I get tired of searching and would drift back to my trusty Jardan. Having said this Jardan’s aren’t cheap.  Funky and available or continue the search?

Love the low back Jardan Kelly for it’s funky look.

Love the Jardan iko iko for it’s relax casual look.

BTW Joe Muratore from Homeware Gallery provides excellent service and advice if you are interested in purchasing any Jardan products.

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3 thoughts on “Lounge chairs and Jardan Kelly, Iko Iko and the Cleo

  1. Hello. I have been sitting on the cleo at the store today and love it. How is yours looking now? What did you decide to do with the armchair? I’m thinking of getting it and pairing it with an armchair just like you were when you wrote this blog.

    • Thanks for your comment. I ended up getting the iko iko to match with the Cleo. It’s a good match as I think mixing casual/traditional like the cleo with something a little funky works well. See post:

      The CLeo is great. Very comfortable. My recommendation will be to consider how you would use your sofa. Eg. Do you sit or lie on it? Also, when you lie do you want enough space for 2 or is one suffice? The reason I ask is that the Cleo can only fit 1 person if you want to lie down. I picked it as I don’t like the feeling of sinking. The Cleo is soft however firm enough to support my back. However I do miss the depth of being able to lounge with my partner. Have fun shopping.

  2. Thanks – it looks great! I also like the soft but firm feel of the sofa. It was pouring yesterday morning and I just wanted to curl up with a book in it!

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