So that is why we pay painters……..

Feeling totally buggered and sorry for myself. So that is why we pay painters. Just got back from a full day of taping, sanding (yes more sanding) and painting.  My shoulders are aching, my left hand has early signs of callouses, my fingers feel like sand paper and my entire body just feels drained. Yep, battery NIL.

Well, what is the outcome for all that effort? We taped 2 rooms and the corridor, and managed to put on one coat of paint. Is that all, you ask? Yep, that’s it. No wonder some painters don’t tape. It’s costly and very time consuming. Definitely worth the effort though.  I think if I were a painter I won’t earn very much money since I’m “sort of” a perfectionist.  Keep giving myself extra work, sanding back bits I shouldn’t sand. If you’ve painted before you would know what I mean. Often one action can result in a domino effect of the wall or paint crumbling. 😦 This likelihood is high for old houses/apartments.  Unfortunately for me my apartment is 100 years old and the last painter or painterS were VERYYYY dodgy. There were signs of putty that were not sanded back, bits of the wall or trimming that were missed and uneven walls where putty was not used.  This time round we ended up using an entire tube of Pollyfilla Skim coat :O

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Lucky for me, the above would not be achievable without the help of my patient boyfriend. So to my boyfriend. Thank you 🙂 The goal now is to complete our painting next weekend (or worst case over the Easter long weekend). Hopefully by then I can update you on whether this is all worthwhile.  Experience tells me it is, however I am slightly pessimistic this time round as we are not noticeably changing the wall colours. As you can see in the pictures above we are painting most of the white walls, white (Dulux “natural” white). Yep, you heard right. Just changing the colour tone. To the untrained eye it’s probably the same. 😦

For more details on how to paint a wall click here .

If all this sounds too much for you and you want professional help, the  questions to be aware of are:

  1. The type of paint they use. Preferable Dulux or Wattyl.
  2. Do they tape.
  3. Their level of preparation (eg. putty, sanding) – How much time is spent painting versus preparing?
  4. How long they would take to complete the job. Note that fast is not necessarily good unless there are a few of them.
  5. Maybe if feasible, customer’s you can call on as references.
  6. Do they have a period of warranty that the paint will not peel etc.
  7. When they visit you for a quote are they checking the conditions of the walls? If I were a painter this is important as it indicates to me the level of preparation effort required.

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